Protect and Grow Your Boiler Business!
Boiler Swap is a DEMO boiler replacement website which shows small to medium sized boiler installation companies how they can automate their businesses just like the larger national companies and take orders while visitors are on their website.
Digital Pricing Tools are Changing Things Forever.
You only have to watch the breakfast TV weather forecast every morning to see how the UK boiler replacement market is changing. Large, national installers are using automated boiler replacement tools to win boiler business - Now You Can Too.
Let Your Customers Spread Their Payments
We've teamed up with the good people at Kanda Finance and this means you can now offer your customers the opportunity to spread their payments - Interest Free if you like...
Make Your Business More Efficient & Profitable.
Save yourself oceans of time and become more efficient and profitable with a transactional boiler website. Your customer can get their price and place their order in just a few short minutes - It's the way it's going.
It's Time to Fight Back!
Don't just sit back and let digital installers take the bread from your table. The largest online installers are now generating millions in turnover and it's happening in your back yard! You don't have to lose your boiler business.

The UK Boiler Replacement Market is Changing - Fast!

Local Threat
National boiler installers are targeting your local area right now.
It now takes just a couple of minutes for customers to get a price and buy online.
Ease of Payment
Customers can choose to pay in any way they like and checkout on the website.
More Efficient
Estimating efficiency increases & cost is slashed and there is no time wasted chasing quotes.
Improved Conversion
Lead conversion is increased as there is no opportunity for competitors to move in.
Low Payments
Customers can spread their payments by applying for finance on the website.

Convert Your Opportunities

Our data tells us that things are changing fast in the UK boiler replacement market.
  • Customers are now more willing than ever to purchase their new boiler online.
  • They do not want several companies calling to provide a quotation.
  • Customer expectations have changed - The Amazon Effect.
  • Online survey forms remove the need for a site visit .

Watch Our Video

See how the online quote tool works.

Try it out for yourself and put yourself in your customers’ shoes. It’s fast, efficient and your customer can chose an installation date to suit them.

Your order will be delivered to you by email meaning you can order the materials from the merchant knowing that you are getting paid either by the customer or Kanda Finance.

Freezing To Toasty in 6 Easy Moves

1. Your customer answers a few easy questions.
2. They receive a quotation using values you've preset.
3. The customer is given the option to pay online.
4. They either pay using a card or apply for finance.
5. The customer places their order and you are notified by email.
6. You can then order the materials and plan the job .

What our clients say

Our clients are very happy
Great service as usual.
Ruth Farquharson
Office Manager
Ruth Farquharson
Bizzi Marketing is the best digital agency we’ve ever worked with.
Paige Smith
Marketing Manager
Paige Smith
Highly recommend if you're a business looking to increase leads, revenue and sales for your business.
Jake Field
Sales Manager
Jake Field

Frequently Asked Questions

Are they my boilers?

Yes - this website is completely yours. You choose the boilers you want to promote and install, the prices you want to charge and the method of payment.

Can I offer finance?

Yes - our partner Kanda Finance will make it possible for you to offer a wide choice of finance deals to help your customers to spread their payments. You'll become an introducer to Kanda but don't worry, they will sort out all the detail.

Will my website get found?

That's a great question! It's often said that you can have the best website in the world but if nobody can find it - why bother? We completely agree with that which is why we offer a complete digital marketing service via our website at Bizzi Marketing

Can I make changes once it's built?

Yes, of course. We offer a full monthly management service. If you want something changed like a price or a product then just make contact with us and we'll have it done in a jiffy for you.

Can I do a survey as well?

Yes. You can set up your terms & conditions to suit your business requirements.

How quickly do I get paid if on finance?

Typically, you'll get your money 72 hours after the completion of the installation. Kanda Finance will call you to explain how the process works.

If you have further questions you can make contact by hitting this LINK and we will respond to you quickly.

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